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Kontrarian Korner
Kontrarian Korner #2 - Phil Gibson (QPOL)

Kontrarian Korner #2 - Phil Gibson (QPOL)

A Conversation On Federal Reserve Policy, Current Events & Bitcoin

I had Phil Gibson as the first guest on the Kontrarian Korner podcast. If you want to read his work, you can find his Substack at

. If you want to watch it on YouTube, check out my channel here.

We talked about multiple topics, including:

  • Fed policy, and the potential to put gold on the yield curve

  • The different factions on the geopolitical chessboard

  • His thoughts on Bitcoin, why he owns it, and why he thinks everyone should own some.

  • I asked him how investors new to Bitcoin (me) could dollar cost average into Bitcoin

  • Book Recommendation: The House Of Morgan by Ron Chernow

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