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Kontrarian Korner #5 - Unemployed Value Degen

Kontrarian Korner #5 - Unemployed Value Degen

A Look At Transocean, Sibanye Stillwater, Peabody Energy & Some High Short Interest Stocks He Likes

I had Steve from Unemployed Value Degen on the podcast the other day. He’s a relatively new Substack writer, and I was interested to chat with him on Transocean RIG 0.00%↑ and several other companies he’s interested in. You can find his Substack here. If you want to watch it on YouTube, here’s a link. We spent a good bit of time chatting about Transocean and offshore, but we also covered several other stocks, including:

  • Sibanye Stillwater SBSW 0.00%↑ and his thoughts on the mining sector

  • Peabody Energy BTU 0.00%↑ and his thoughts on their buyback program.

  • He also talks about some stocks that are frequent targets of short sellers.

  • B. Riley RILY 0.00%↑, and why he thinks their core business could improve after a rough couple years, and some of the assets they could sell.

  • GameStop GME 0.00%↑, and how he thinks there could be value there outside of the speculative mania.

  • Medical Properties Trust MPW 0.00%↑, and his thoughts on the issues with a main tenant and the discount to book value.

  • His book recommendations: Opening Skinner’s Box by Lauren Slater and On The Nature Of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer


I own shares of Transocean and Peabody Energy. I also own calls on Transocean and Peabody Energy. You should do your own research before making any investment decisions. Different investment strategies have different risk/return profiles which should be considered before making any decisions.

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