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Kontrarian Korner
Kontrarian Korner #4 - John Polomny

Kontrarian Korner #4 - John Polomny

A Look At Different Commodities, Under The Radar Opportunities & Current Events

I had

on the podcast recently, and we had a wide ranging discussion on what he’s paying attention to today. He writes the Actionable Intelligence Alert, a Substack you guys should check out. You can also find the video on YouTube, or on the main podcast platforms. We talked about investments and current events, among other things:

  • John’s experience and background in the power industry

  • The shift from peak ESG to a more pragmatic approach to energy policy

  • His natural gas outlook, and why it’s in his too hard pile

  • The supply and demand picture for oil, and his thoughts on the Permian Basin

  • His thoughts on precious metals

  • Other under the radar opportunities around the world

  • His opinion the decline of the West and the current geopolitical landscape

  • His book recommendation: The Black Book Of Communism (several authors)

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Kontrarian Korner
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